Bishop’s Banter 17/03/2018

Our long awaited pastoral assistant arrived late on Wednesday night. Aside from a little glitch of some lost luggage, now safely delivered, it was a  smooth and uneventful, if long journey, and already Peter is beginning to feel part of the furniture. A ‘bonding session’ at the Brunswick Green on Thursday evening after attending the 6.30 mass undoubtedly helped, and already he has been part of a baptism preparation time with Venn and Andrejka whose son William is to be baptised on Easter Day. Even as I write he is sitting at the kitchen table with James, Sue and Richard, deacon from the Uniting Church talking about Stewart Lodge. He will join the team that visits there each Friday afternoon.

Peter will be commissioned on Sunday morning at the 10 a.m. Mass. I know you will give him a great welcome.

Mothering Sunday was an enjoyable day, though I almost forgot to bless the flowers and the simnel cake! Thanks to those who put the posies together and to Fiona Chesterfield and Christine Deppler for the cake. The leftovers were left in  the church and have all but disappeared through the week…Thanks too to those who have taken palm leaves home to make palm crosses in readiness for Palm Sunday. Over coffee first communion candidate Alec and his mother Gillian got ahead of the game!

(L) These flowers last forever, so they say... (C) Alec and Gillian get ahead of the game (R) Cake and flowers prove popular.........
(L) These flowers last forever, so they say…   (C) Alec and Gillian get ahead of the game   (R)  Cake and flowers prove popular………

One of our own marked an important milestone this week, though he’ll be cross with me for mentioning it! Roshan Raja, our head server, has done ten years of service as a paramedic with the Ambulance Service. Medals were presented by the chief executive officer of the service. Day by day, week by week Roshan, with other ‘ambos’ quietly gets on doing tremendous service, and I have to say that those of us who know him hope that if we ever have an accident, by God’s providence it will be Roshan whose ambulance races up to the rescue…Congratulations and thanks, Roshan!

(L) 10 years of faithful service. (C) Francesca the donkey will do her stuff again this year! (R) Easter morn @ 6 a.m. the new fire
(L) 10 years of faithful service. (C) Francesca the donkey will do her stuff again this year! (R) Easter morn @ 6 a.m. the new fire

So Holy Week and Easter are fast approaching. Make sure you get a leaflet of services and time on Sunday but for those who can download I’ve attached a PDF. Can I say, if you can, it’s really beneficial and moving to see the week through with the Lord. It’s what disciples do.

PALM SUNDAY (25th)  WE MEET AT 9.45 A.M. outside the church ready to process with our Sally Army brothers and sisters and Francesca the donkey via the Uniting Church to the Catholic church for the blessing of palms, readings and prayers before returning to Christ Church for the remainder of the Eucharist.

( those who can’t manage the walk wait and pray in the church)

And talking of disciples, last Sunday at Meet Up, Father Jacob Legarda gave an excellent presentation on the need for disciples to learn what it means to heal in the name of the Lord, and to experience his healing. What a good series of meetings it has been, but it’s not over yet! Sunday week, Palm Sunday @ 5 p.m. will be the last in this series when Lucas Smith, who has been around a bit at Christ Church recently will talk on learning about holiness. A good way to begin Holy Week!

EASTER DAY will definitely be great. At the 6 a.m. (yes, 6 a.m.!) Vigil Service Yenni Sobey who sings in our choir and is part of the team that does our flower arranging will be confirmed. Later at the 10 a.m. Celebration, Alec, Joseph, Will and Noah will be admitted to receive Holy Communion and as I haven already mentioned William Gustav Venn King will be baptised. His parents will be providing champagne and cake afterwards, and then there is the EASTER LUNCH to which all are invited. Roast lamb and a vegetarian option of course. There is NO CHARGE for the lunch. We simply ask for a donation from those who can afford it. It’s BYO but we will have some wine there so you can have a glass or two for a donation.