Bishop’s Banter 02/03/2018

The talk at last week’s Meet Up by James Godfrey was both interesting and well presented. Among the interesting reflections that struck were the words of a priest to him when he (James) was working in a soup kitchen. James had been to see him to say that he wasn’t getting much out of it. The priest responded by saying, “Well that means you are not spending enough time there.” He went on to suggest that James should come out from behind the sandwiches…

All that is about commitment, not so much about being committed, but the joys and deepening of experience that comes from the commitment of time and participation. The more you worship, the more worship is fruitful. You don’t have to keep introducing yourself to God, and it takes less time to get acclimatised as you move from the secular world to the sacred. IIt’s easier to ‘enter the Mystery’.. And the more you worship the less you ask yourself, “What am I getting out of it?”

Well, it was interesting, and what’s more it was great to have more folk involved in the offering of food. Thank you! This Sunday I will be looking at the need in the disciple to learn to ‘tell’. We meet at 5 as usual. It’s a squeeze but there’s always room! We will be in a little competition with the noise of the ongoing street festival, but how can we let that stop us?!

By the way, note that the date of the final Meet Up of the series will not be the 18th March which for various reasons I need to cancel but will be on the 25th (Palm Sunday) at the usual time. Sorry for the inconvenience which is due to me mixing up the time of a service I promised to preach at that I thought was earlier in the afternoon.

Daniel Frank sent me a lovely photo he took before a 7 a.m. mass this week. The benefits or early rising….There is generally a lovely stillness about the early service even as in the background we hear the sounds of Brunswick waking up and Melbourne on the move. Why not try it?


thy Glory fills the heavens…                                   more glory in the op shop…..                more glory on display after mass last week…

The Op shop is doing very well these days. It’s been great to receive a load of offerings! I managed to pick myself up a Gladstone bag a couple of weeks ago. Very retro…. but will it fit into those irritating contraptions they have at the airport that tell you whether your bag is too wide, long, high or whatever for hand luggage? Of course the team have to beaver away at sorting and pricing, and ironing. It’s hard work but good. We now have an EPTOS machine which allows folk to pay by card. It’s proving a boon. Last Saturday a few of our young people were there to lend a hand. We are always keen to have more volunteers !

Thanks to Father Grant, Adrian Nye and Geoff Scollary who have done a great job in recreating the counter as a display case. Lots of work but it’s looking great. It’s especially for jewellery and more valuable items, which we are always glad to receive!

10 11

(L) My secondhand brand new Gladstone bag..   (R) What a display! Op shop co ordinator Angela Scollary with Adrian and Fr Grant (sorry Geoff was not available for filiming..)

This also true of the choir. Doing well, and more volunteers I mean, though it’s always important to have singing voices in the pews! Did you know the choir has its own dedicated Facebook page? Find it and follow.

Wednesday evening this week reminded me of the considerable ‘backstage’ work that goes on in this and I suppose every parish. Our three churchwardens met from 4 until after 6, then there was a finance committee that met for an hour, and then the property group that’s looking hard at the implications of the purchase of the Sydney Road site and how we should be developing our overall site in a way which fulfils our mission plans, provides the sort of facilities we need going forward, and that is also financially viable! It’s complex…And of course several of the folk concerned are on two of these groups so it makes for quite a commitment. Thanks are due to all those folk!

9Remember this taster of what things might be like? It will undoubtedly be different in the end, but the vision remains and there are those busy working to make it a reality…..

Don’t forget that on Sunday – because Glenlyon is shut off at the Sydney Road end due to the Sydney Road Street Party and there will be lots going on with setting up, you can park in the car park behind the church in Merri Street which runs parallel to Glenlyon Road. I attach a note from churchwarden Adrian Nye about it. Adrian has masterminded the improvement to that bit of our property.

After refreshments we’ll be serving sausages and shaved ice outside the front of the church for a couple of hours.