Bishop’s Banter 23/03/2018

I’ll give Peter our new parish assistant a little breathing space before he takes over this weekly bit of news. We’ve had Mason’s musings, and bishop’s banter. Now we need some advice on an appropriate title for the next chapter in this parish communication! Over to it’s “Peter’s…”

Thank you to Fr Chris for his sermon last Sunday about the meaning and purpose of the death of the Lord. As always, thoughtful and demanding and interesting. It led is well to the days that are coming when we have our annual ‘Holy Week’ when in prayer and worship we seek to be with the Lord in his death and resurrection, and renew our faith in him. In doing so, we will increase our understanding of these mysteries. By the way if you want to see something of the Walk with Mary do at the cathedral last Sunday click here!

Peter was well introduced on Sunday and has hit the ground running I think, though being the gentle sort of ‘boss’ I am I have given him time to eat and sleep. It’s interesting what you learn about another person as time goes by. We discovered around the kitchen table last night that he’s an exceptional mimic of Gollum from the Lord of the Rings….each pastoral assistant brings his own talents. Mason, you’ll remember sounded uncannily like a Welshman.



Talking of the vicarage household. Hats off to Ben Petschel who graduated with his B.Theol from the University of Divinity last Friday. A rare photo of him in a suit and tie but someone should have told him shoes rather than thongs might have been more suitable…a few of us met in town for a celebratory drink afterwards when new boy Peter was led astray on a Friday in Lent with the taste of Aussie beer.

THE LAST MEET UP of this season takes place @ 5 on Sunday in the Vicarage. Lucas Smith will help us explore holiness.

Prayer…talk…discussion…food.   It’s a winning combination!

 I suppose, indeed I know that some of you will be away over Easter. It’s my duty to encourage you – wherever you are – to ensure that the holiday has the proper sense of a holy-day. Fortunately to be away from Christ Church doesn’t mean being away from Church. There are plenty around and they’ll be celebrating!

Here, it promises to be a great week. I like the way the Greeks call the week leading up to Easter the ‘Holy and Great Week’. We commemorate events, actually we seek in our worship to live through the events that changed the world.

ON SUNDAY Francesca will be with us and she will lead our little procession in this part of Brunswick to the Catholic Church to begin the week with brothers and sisters from other churches. TRY TO BE A BIT EARLY so we can set off before 10.




 The EASTER CELEBRATIONS begin at 6 a.m. with the dawn ‘vigil’ service.

 It’s an experience full of symbolism as we move from darkness to light, from death to resurrection.

And as was the tradition from early days, we will have a Confirmation at that service. It will be a real joy to confirm Yenny Sobey. You will be able to read something of her story in the ‘Forty Days, A parish reflects’ booklet that will come out in Eastertide. She has contributed a moving piece to it, as have quite a lot of others.

Then at the 10 a.m. Eucharist there will be admissions to Holy Communion for four of ‘our lads’ and the baptism of William Gustav Venn King. William’s father Venn was baptised in the same font. Annette King, a member of the parish family here and one of our gardeners is his grandmother. William’s mother Andrejka is of Slovakian heritage so there will be a prayer in Slovakian to add even more to the mystery! Venn and Andrejka are generously providing bubbly and cake after the service.

Then for those who can stay there’s the EASTER EGG HUNT and the EASTER LUNCH. Should be great fun. If you can stay for lunch sign up at the back of church to help with catering or drop an email to the parish office:

By the way, the last set of readings from St John with Michael Ramsey will be available on Sunday and on the website.

See you soon I hope.