EVAN’S EPISTLE: A reflection on life at Christ Church Brunswick

When I first came here, I was informed that the church belongs to Anglo Catolicism.What does it mean? Bishop Linsay told me that at least there are three isms in Anglican church; Evengelism, Anglo Catolicism and something between them.Evengelism is similar to protestant or reform church, while Anglo-Catolicism is similar to Roman Catholic.In accordance to its name, the tradition of Anglo-Catholicism is very similar to that of Rome- Catholic Church.They trust in Madamother Mary, make a cross symbol, carry out morning, midday (angelus) and evening prayer services and use incense in their holy mass on Sunday. This is something new for me as I am a Presbyterian.


I had an interesting experience on Sunday 1 July, when I was in charge to be a boat boy in the 10 am holy mass.My task was actually quite simple; carrying a boat, a container for reserved incense and walking side by side with a Greg, whose task was to swing the incense bottle (I don’t know what it is called). Despite being simple, it was not that easy as I had to pay close attention to the details. Nevertheless, I was grateful to have a chance to be an attendant in a service in Anglo-Catholic church which is quite different from that in Presbyterian Church, to which I belong. I was grateful for having been given such an opportunity in Christchurch in Brunswick. My gratitude is to Bishop Lindsay, other occupants in the vicarage, the congregants and the surrounding residents, who have kindly accepted me and may God bless them all.

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