The Church exists for mission!

We worship God because he is worthy of adoration and asks us to adore him.

But strengthened by our worship, we are called to tell others of his love, and to demonstrate our love for him by loving and serving others. And love brings forth transformation and change, and begets more love.

So first of all, our worship is our mission and our first priority. The congregation is not a ‘closed’ group, and never will be if it is faithful. There is always room for more! Our ‘strap line’ at Christ Church is ‘Enter the mystery’. It’s an invitation to all to come and discover what it means to worship and to know Jesus and experience his closeness.

Our experience is that our worship challenges us to love one another more and to have a deep concern for others.

Christians always want others to know what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

They also want to make the world more like the world we know Jesus wants, so what happens outside the church matters to us very much. It’s why Christians can’t avoid caring about politics, that is, about the way society orders itself.

Mission Giving : Supporting charities

Christ Church supports a number of charitable activities in the wider community.

Regular fund-raising is undertaken for Trinity College Theological School, AngliCORD, Anglican Aid Abroad, the Brotherhood of St Laurence, and the Mollison Library at Trinity College. Each month the Parish Council designates a charity to which the mission collections for that month are donated.

Individual members of the congregation are involved in practical activities, such as our Op Shop, homework clubs, and volunteering with the Brotherhood of St Laurence.