News from Adrian Nye! 27/04/2018

1 Point Lonsdale

Kate and Adrian Nye had the opportunity to catch up with our parish friend Heidin at Point Lonsdale.  Heidin is well settled into the parish of Point Lonsdale and its associated churches.  Adrian and Kate report that Heidin is very well, relaxed and now well entrenched in the issues of the community.  Her time is spent learning the finer details of ministry from Father Peter Martin and refining her skills as a welcome visitor to those in the parish who have a need for advice or company.  Admitting that sometimes life away from Melbourne can be a little lonely, Heidin manages to catch up with her family each week.  Adrian and Kate’s friend Ros Myer (Houghton) a parishioner at Point Lonsdale, has provided Heidin with accommodation in a unit at the rear of her house.  Ros is lively company and there cannot be a better place to socialise, learn to cook and find a walking partner for the lovely beach promenades that Point Lonsdale has to offer.  In summary, Heidin is thriving, her smile more evident than ever and her ministry growing each day.

2. Roof Project
We have had some good news on the prospect of us replacing our decrepit and sometimes leaking roof.  You will remember that last year it appeared that we would not be able to obtain Welsh slate to undertake the renovation.  This was because of production problems at he mine at Penhryn in Wales.  Heritage Victoria insists that the only material that we can use is a match for the original material, that is welsh slate.  Last week ours later advised that welsh slate is back on the market and that we may be able to place and order win a month or so.  He is sufficiently confident to have inspected the CCB site to determine  how the logisitcs might work – especially where to store the slates can be stored securely.  This is a real issue, but secure storage has been sorted.  We may start to see scaffold envelope the church in June.  The work will take approximately 6 weeks.  Church activities will not be interrupted,  More details will be provided as the project’s details become better known.  If you have any particular inquiries, telephone warden Adrian Nye 0419 342 683.

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