Peter’s Ponderings 03/05/2018

Now, let’s stick this microphone up your nose” – +Lindsay

It has been another busy week, but a good one!

One of my duties and joys as Pastoral Assistant here at Christ Church is to visit the residents of the Stewart Lodge hostel on a Friday, and this week it was great to celebrate the birthday of one of its residents, Sam.  I also enjoyed a chat with another of the residents, completely unexpectedly conducted in a mixture of English, German, and Polish!

After Mass Mess

On Sunday, we were blessed to have an unexpectedly high turnout for our 10am Mass – so much so that some of us had to share service books!  It was lovely to see so many there, and you all got to see +Lindsay interviewing me! I gave a couple of cheeky answers, but I think that I got away with it, by and large, although I think he got his own back by outing my natural distaste for early mornings (much in line with my predecessor’s, so I understand) in front of everybody!

On Sunday evening, in place of Evensong, we had a service where we walked the “Stations of the Resurrection” (or Via Lucis for those of you who (like me) enjoy their Latin) – a service similar in form to the Stations of the Cross (Via Crucis), but going through the experiences of the apostles following Jesus’ Resurrection.  It was a beautiful service, and fantastic to see such a high turnout for that, too – just as well I bought plenty of wine for the gathering at the Vicarage after the service!

Much of my week has been spent going in and out of the Office, and trying to sort out the ongoing issue with the internet, but to little avail.  As a counter to this, it’s been nice to get in touch with some of you about the prospect of speaking the Creed in your various languages (English included!) on Pentecost (Sunday 20th May), celebrating the arrival of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles, where they began speaking in tongues, and people from all over the world could understand them!

Myself, I will be saying the Creed in Polish, and I’m trying to convince the Bishop to say it in Latin (known as the universal language of the church), and we’ve got a number of people who are willing to join in in their languages already.  Nevertheless, there’s always room for more (people and languages), so if you’re interested in joining in, you can get in touch with me. Just let me know which language you’ll be speaking, and on the day, we’ll have a practice in the Hall beforehand.  After the service, we’ll have an informal lunch, where we hope people will bring dishes from their home culture, and share with everyone – that includes all of you Australians…you don’t get away with it!  If you can think of something you’d consider Australian fare, please bring it along!

This coming Sunday is the Fifth Sunday of Easter, and will (all being well) see young Alec working as Crucifer for the first time!  Having helped in his training, it will be a proud moment!

Not much more to say for this week’s Ponderings, but I hope you’re all keeping well!  God bless!

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Originally from the UK, I have come over to Australia to work as a Parish Assistant at Christ Church Brunswick, meaning I get to do all kinds of different work around the parish, from pastoral visits, through manual labour (sort of), to helping manage the website! Hope to see you around the place!