Peter’s Ponderings 06/07/2018

Another week has flown by in the life of Christ Church, with the Pastoral Assistant clinging on by his fingernails!  This week’s edition of the Ponderings includes a reflection from our visiting theological student Evan, which you can find attached, and which I have unanimously decided to call “Evan’s Epistle”.

Well, I said last week that I was looking forward to the start of the new Meet Up series, and it didn’t fail to disappoint…I honestly don’t know which was better – the teaching, the discussion, or the food – it was all brilliant!  I’m reliably informed that the Meet Up sessions stand alone very well, so if you don’t make it to one, you can make it to another without feeling like you’re out of the loop, so if you can make it to one of the next sessions (Sundays at 5pm at the Vicarage), you’d be most welcome!  This week will be our second session, where Fr Chris Mostert will give a talk on the Old Testament.

Sunday was also very special, as we were able to welcome young Bernie into the Church family.  He seemed very interested in everything that was going on, and although the shock of having a bit of water dripped on him by a strange chap in green was evident, he seemed to generally enjoy the experience.  His family came in good numbers, too, meaning we we had a pretty full church, which was great to see from where I was sitting!

Moving to this Sunday, Heather de Viell-Richter will be giving a talk during our time of refreshments after Mass on the Kelti Project – a charity she founded to help vulnerable women in India and their children find justice.  As I write this, we’re in the process of finalising the fine details, so look and listen out for details in church and on the service sheet. Leaflets on the project, as well as copies of Heather’s book “Girls Are Pearls” will be available.

We are blessed to have Ti and An serving as acolytes on a regular basis, and now we are adding to their number with Nico and Adriel, who we will induct for their first service this Sunday!

A week on Monday (16th July) at 7:30pm, it will be Christ Church’s turn to host the Australian Church Union’s annual Keble celebration in honour of John Keble – a prominent preacher, whose 1833 sermon is marked by many as the beginning of the Catholic revival in the Anglican Church.  Our own Fr Chris Mostert will be preaching, so we hope you might be able to come along.

That’s all from me for this week.  God bless you all for the week ahead!

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Originally from the UK, I have come over to Australia to work as a Parish Assistant at Christ Church Brunswick, meaning I get to do all kinds of different work around the parish, from pastoral visits, through manual labour (sort of), to helping manage the website! Hope to see you around the place!

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