Peter’s Ponderings 09/08/2018

Dear all,

Another week has passed in the life of Christ Church, and it’s been an interesting one!  Before I go on to talk about the week, I’ve been asked to let you know about the document we’ve put together about moving towards a Mission Action Plan – detailing the approach we’re hoping to take towards the mission of this parish over the next few years.  I’ve attached it to this email, and it is available on the website for you to download and peruse at your own leisure. It’s a good read!

Last week, I told you that Steve Hilton, an Ordinand from Ripon College Cuddesdon in the UK, had joined us on a break from his placement in Perth, and that he was going to be preaching here on Sunday, and he did just that at the 10am Mass – preaching very well on the topic of mercy.  As I was serving, I did not have the opportunity to set my camera up to record, but I managed to use my phone get an audio recording, which is now up on the website.

Friday was a very full day for me, as I received the Keys to the Kingd…er…the Op Shop from our wonderful Op Shop manager Angela Scollary, who is taking a well-deserved holiday.  I’ll be standing in for her in her absence – those are some very big shoes to fill! If anyone needs to communicate about any Op Shop matters before October, have a word with me – I’ll be around!

Friday also saw Bishop Lindsay’s family join us at the Vicarage for a family gathering.  It was great to meet some of the clan that I hadn’t met before, and to share in those celebrations.  The food was excellent, and the company was too!

On Saturday morning, we donned our “L” plates, as I had my first attempt at leading a Bible study – I think we managed to stay free from any heresies this time!  Andrew and Eugene are very kind fellow-students, so we had a lot of fun and made good progress through Paul’s letter to the Philippians, discovering a lot of content that is very interesting historically, and applicable today.  One thing I’ve learned is that Bible Studies can be a bit like herding cats, as one question can lead to a completely new line of questions, and end up a million miles (sorry: 1.6 million kilometres) from the original point – something I will need to watch out for in the future, methinks.

Bishop Lindsay’s away on a conference this weekend, so there is no “Little Lesson” from him, but he will be back in time for this Sunday’s Mass before heading off on his own well-deserved holidays on Monday.  Our rhythm of Masses will be uninterrupted in his absence, however, as we are very lucky to have a number of priests who are willing to step in to take them. The daily Masses are very important to the life of this parish, and I can see that they make a real difference to those of us who attend through the week, so we are deeply grateful to the priests who will enable this to continue, and I look forward to welcoming and serving with them over the next couple of weeks.

Finally, as I may have mentioned once or twice before, one of my great passions is driving and travelling, so I have been blessed with the offer of travelling with Bishop Paul and Robyn White up to Adelaide this weekend.  I’ve not really visited any Australian city other than Melbourne yet, so this is going to be a great opportunity to do some exploring. I’ll make sure to take lots of photos, and share them with you all when I get back!

That’s all from me for now – have a super week, and I will see you soon!

God bless,


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