Peter’s Ponderings 12/07/2018

I hope you’ve all had a good week, and are well.

Sunday was a very busy day indeed, ending with the Meet Up session in the evening.  About thirty-four of us poured into the ‘big room’ at the Vicarage to hear Fr Chris speak about the Old Testament – a very tricky topic, especially when you’ve only got twenty minutes, but that didn’t seem to faze him, and we were treated to a real tour de force!  Think about coming this Sunday when Dorothy Lee who teaches New Testament at Trinity College is speaking.  And if the food afterwards is anything like the last two weeks you’ll be well-fed in more ways than one! It starts at 5 p.m.

Sunday morning Mass saw our two new acolytes Nico and Adriel serving for the first time, and they did very well indeed.

After Mass it was great to hear Heather de Viell-Richter speaking about the charity she founded, the Kelti Project for women and girls in India.

In spite of a couple of technical gremlins, which wouldn’t let us show any pictures on the screen, Heather’s passion and life made the ‘interview’ with Bishop Lindsay come alive.  Her story just proves that one person’s passion can make a real change to people’s lives!

On Saturday, we said goodbye to Evan, who had been staying with us for a couple of weeks, as he went on to his next parish (Coburg) in his tour of Melbourne’s parishes.  He seemed to really enjoy his time with us, and I hope we were able to teach him a thing or two in the time he was here.

On the personal front, Sunday evening saw me escape the parish for a couple of days to head over to Camperdown (about 200km away…pretty nearby by Australian standards) to stand in as organist for a funeral there on Monday.  It was great to catch up with Fr Mathew Crane, the priest in Camperdown who visits us here sometimes, and to see some of the nearby towns. On Tuesday, I headed back, but decided to take the scenic option, so I drove down to the Twelve Apostles – a series of rock stacks off the southern coast – along the Great Ocean Road.  I was blown away by the beauty of the scenery, and really enjoyed the roads around there…I think I need to do some more exploring and driving around there whilst I’m here!

Welcome back to Cecilia Fairlie, one of our churchwardens, who returned from her three month trip to Europe last week.  We’ve missed her – not only on Sundays for she is also very much part of the daily prayer here. To my shame, in the time she was away, Cecilia has probably seen more of Britain and Europe than I have…and I come from there!

It’s really good to have her back, and we owe thanks to John Vincent who stepped in to cover her role whilst she was away.

On the note of parish governance, you might not think too often about the parish council and its work, but I sat in on the meeting on Wednesday night (though of course I have no vote), and was surprised to learn that there is an entire sub-section of the meeting where I (well…my position) was discussed!  These meetings are very thought-provoking for me, as you really see the inner workings of parish life, both the blessings which seem to be many, as well as the challenges, which are also many! Who’d be parish priest (scary to think I might hope to be one), or who’d be a churchwarden or a parish treasurer?  But these are such necessary ministries in parish life, and we wouldn’t survive (or even thrive) so well without them.

This coming Monday (16th) at 7.30pm, we’ll be hosting the annual Keble celebration, where we will commemorate the 185th anniversary of John Keble’s landmark sermon in Oxford in 1833, which is often credited as being one of the great turning points in the history of post Reformation Anglicanism.  Fr Chris Mostert will be preaching there, and Fr Mathew Crane (Chairman of the Church Union, the sponsors of the event) will be celebrant. Who was John Keble?  Well, why not Google him?  Just to avoid confusion, he was not the drummer by the same name from Spandau Ballet…same name, different spelling.

That’s about all from me for now.  I wish you all a very good week, and hope to see a lot of you soon.

God bless!

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Originally from the UK, I have come over to Australia to work as a Parish Assistant at Christ Church Brunswick, meaning I get to do all kinds of different work around the parish, from pastoral visits, through manual labour (sort of), to helping manage the website! Hope to see you around the place!

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