Peter’s Ponderings 15/06/2018

Did that last week feel like it went really quickly for you?  It certainly did for me…feels like only two or three days ago that I was last writing these ponderings!  Anyway, I hope you’re all well, and that you had a good week.

Life as a Pastoral Assistant in Brunswick is full of new experiences, and this coming Sunday (17th), is no exception: we’ll be serving refreshments at the Vicarage, rather than the Bardin Centre, and as a part of it, Adana Gerard will be hosting a Tupperware party…something I’ve never experienced as yet!  I’m not quite sure what it will involve, except that a percentage of the proceeds will go to the Kelti Project – a charity founded by Heather de Viell-Richter, another of our parishioners, promoting justice for disadvantaged women and their children in India – a noble cause, if I may say. Oh, and there will be a raffle, with prizes to be won, including some free Tupperware.

As I’ve probably said many times, one of the joys of being in a church with a growing congregation is getting to meet new people, and it was really lovely last Sunday to meet Dian’s husband and sons, who have come over from Indonesia.  Her lads, Nico and Adriel, will be going to school here in July, and hopefully also joining in with the liturgy here at Christ Church and helping around the place – it will be great fun to have them around!

Monday was (as many of you will know) a public holiday for the Her Majesty the Queen’s official birthday, so most people had the day off, and it seems a good number of people decided to do what I did, and get to the MCG for the football – over 80,000 people packed out the stands to watch Melbourne take on Collingwood, but more importantly, to see all 18 coaches of the teams take the plunge into an icy pool in various costumes to raise money to fight Motor Neurone Disease.  It was a great day, and a very good game (I’m steadily learning the rules, haha), and over $6 million was raised.

Another first for me was having the opportunity to attend the Parish Council meeting yesterday.  It was very interesting to see how the council operates, and all the different structures and formalities that make parish life possible.  A bit different to my usual Wednesday evening activity of playing Dungeons and Dragons, but I’m nothing if not versatile!

And then yesterday, a bit of verging duty at a moving funeral in the church for a lay called Angela Barnes. +Lindsay preached with the great baptismal register in his hand. It goes back decades and included Angela’s name, and it turns out that in earlier volumes her mother and grandmother.  Her name was written in that ‘Book of Life’ he said, and surely in the Book of Life, for the Lord never fails to remember or love. The church was packed, and as the coffin was censed and we called upon the angels to lead her to paradise I found myself really moved.  May she rest in peace. It felt a privilege to be drawn in to the love that surrounded her and play a small part in helping the family through it.

Hope to see you Sunday.

I’m sure next week will bring yet more new and noteworthy experiences for us all, but that’s all from me this week – I wish you all a good week, and will leave you with +Lindsay’s Little Liturgical Lesson.

God bless!

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Originally from the UK, I have come over to Australia to work as a Parish Assistant at Christ Church Brunswick, meaning I get to do all kinds of different work around the parish, from pastoral visits, through manual labour (sort of), to helping manage the website! Hope to see you around the place!

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