Peter’s Ponderings 21/06/2018

I hope you’re all well, and that this week has been fruitful and enjoyable for you.

Today is technically the Winter Solstice – the shortest day of sunlight – which feels really odd for this already-confused Northern Hemisphere boy, for whom the twenty-first of June should be the longest day.  Oh well, at least the weather’s been really pretty (if a tad chilly) for the last couple of days, so I can’t complain too much (again, odd for an Englishman, I know).

Friday saw the beginning of a new initiative between Christ Church and Stewart Lodge, where a few of the residents came over to spend the morning with a few of us at the Bardin Centre.  It was a very good time, with many games of chess being played, much coffee and cake being consumed, and a delicious soup being produced by the residents. Visiting Stewart Lodge has been a significant part of my week since coming here, so it was lovely to be able to welcome a few of them here.  Hopefully this initiative will take off and grow, and we will be able to do more together as time goes by. This will be happening every fortnight, so if you’d like to get involved, drop either me or James Godfrey (the mastermind behind the Stewart Lodge project) an email.

Sunday’s Tupperware party organised by Adana Gerard at the Vicarage was very successful, with lots of you coming over to look at the wares. Business must have been good, because the percentage going to the Kelti Project is $100, so well done all!  I think the most excited attendee of the Tupperware party was young Elias Frank, who won some prizes in the raffle, proceeding to jump around the place shouting “VICTORY!”…I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone quite so excited for Tupperware in my life!

As many of you will know, motor racing is my passion, so I could write reams about driving the Albert Park Grand Prix circuit with Bishop Paul White.  It was a great experience, even though I had to exercise great restraint in sticking to the 40km/h (24mph) speed limit, and I’m really grateful for Bishop Paul’s hospitality (and trust), and a really fun day out.

Yesterday, I was at Trinity College, meeting with Rev Heather Cetrangolo, the Chaplain for the Foundation Studies there, which helps prepare young international students for life at Australian universities – she is very passionate about what she does, and absolutely full of ideas!  We had a very interesting and fruitful discussion about possible future co-operation between Christ Church and Trinity College in ministering to these young people, and gave us lots to ponder.

As I write this, the boards advertising the “Meet Up @ 5” series are going up on both our Sydney Road and Glenlyon Road frontages.  As I mentioned last week, the meetings will be starting on Sunday 1st July at 5pm at the Vicarage, and is titled “Ancient Words: is the Bible any good?” – a provocative title, to be sure, and one that will hopefully lead to some very interesting discussions, accompanied by excellent food and fellowship.  If you know anyone who would be interested in coming to such a session, please feel free to invite them – the more the merrier! Why not pray about who to invite?

Comings and goings are (I’m told) a pretty regular part of life at the Vicarage, and this week we’ll be bidding farewell to James Oddie, who’s been living here since after Christmas.  You may not have seen much of him at Christ Church, as he sings at St Patrick’s Cathedral on Sundays, but it has been very good to get to know him, and we wish him well as he moves on.  In a quick changeover to rival a Formula One pit stop, we will be welcoming Evan, a theological student from Indonesia, into the Vicarage. We’re looking forward to welcoming him here, although I’m praying his English is better than my Indonesian!  He will be here for a couple of weeks, so I hope you get the chance to meet him.

Have a really good week, everyone.  God bless,

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Originally from the UK, I have come over to Australia to work as a Parish Assistant at Christ Church Brunswick, meaning I get to do all kinds of different work around the parish, from pastoral visits, through manual labour (sort of), to helping manage the website! Hope to see you around the place!

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