Peter’s Ponderings 27/04/2018

Apologies for the lateness of this edition of the ponderings – we had a bit of a problem with the internet connection completely breaking down at the Vicarage yesterday, so the time I would have normally spent on writing these was spent on the phone to the broadband company!  It turns out some works by another agency went awry and have left us with no connection!

Anyway, I hope you’re all having a good week!

It has been another busy and varied week in the parish.  Sunday saw our newly-trained Thurifer (now renamed “Fire Boy”) Santosh in action at the altar!  He did a great job, and you’ll see him up at the front again on Sunday at the 10.00 Mass this week.

Speaking of new recruits to the serving team, it was a privilege to be involved in training Alec, who received his First Communion on Easter Sunday, in the noble professions of Crucifery and Thurifery (if those terms didn’t exist before, they do now).  It was good fun, and the lad is a natural – we shall see him serving in the near future.

Wednesday was, of course, ANZAC Day.  I attended the Dawn service at the Shrine of Remembrance, which was an incredible experience, and very moving.  Unfortunately, my alarm (on my phone) decided to ring in the middle of it, which was most embarrassing! Nevertheless, it was a joy to see so many people up at the literal crack of dawn, honouring the people who fought (and still fight) for freedom and for those they love, and it was an honour to stand with the masses of people singing the anthems of New Zealand and Australia, as well as a stunning rendition of “Abide with me” – absolutely beautiful!

Some of you may remember Heidin, who was a Deacon at Trinity College, and used to assist at Mass here on a Sunday.  Adrian and Kate Nye met up with her at Point Lonsdale, where she is now a curate! Adrian tells me she seems to be settling in well, and is learning the finer points of ministry from Fr Peter Martin.

We met with a slater last week to talk about re-roofing the church, and Adrian tells me that he has been advised that the necessary Welsh slate is on its way to us – great news!

For Adrian’s full pieces (now on our most excellent parish blog!), please click here.

Lastly, it was a marvellous surprise on Saturday morning to see our wonderful Robyn and +Paul back from their time away in the UK and the Holy Land!  I had briefly met Robyn before she went, but it was my first time meeting +Paul, and a privilege, too! We even saw them at Mass on Sunday, despite all the inevitable jet lag they must have been suffering!

This Sunday we have Mass at 8am and 10am, but in the evening, we will be having a service of the Stations of the Resurrection (or Via Lucis) – similar to Stations of the Cross, but with a much more joyful overtone, celebrating the appearances of the Risen Christ!  I had fun putting together the artwork and booklets, so I hope to see some of you there – that’s 5pm on Sunday!

I hope you all have a brilliant week!

All the best,


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