Welcome to our sermon archive.  Here, you can find recordings of sermons preached on various occasions at Christ Church.

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+Lindsay’s sermon from Trinity XV, 29/09/2019

+Lindsay’s sermon from Trinity IV, 30/06/2019

+Lindsay’s sermon from Corpus Christi, 23/06/2019

Fr Chris Mostert’s sermon from Trinity Sunday, 16/06/2019

+Lindsay’s sermon from Pentecost, 09/06/2019

+Lindsay’s sermon from Easter V, 19/05/2019

Fr Chris Mostert’s sermon from Easter IV, 12/05/2019

+Lindsay’s sermon from Easter III, 05/05/2019

+Lindsay’s sermon from Low Sunday, 28/04/2019

+Paul White’s sermon from Passion Sunday, 14/04/2019

Fr Chris Mostert’s sermon from Lent IV, 31/03/2019

+Lindsay’s sermon from Lent III, 24/03/2019

Albert Young’s sermon from Lent II, 17/03/2019

+Lindsay’s sermon from Lent I, 10/03/2019

+Lindsay’s sermon from Quinquagesima, 03/03/2019

+Lindsay’s sermon from Septuagesima, 17/02/2019

+Lindsay’s sermon from Epiphany V, 10/02/2019

++David Moxon delivering the Philip Harris Lecture, 03/02/2019

++David Moxon’s sermon from Candlemas, 03/02/2019

+Lindsay’s sermon from Epiphany I, 20/01/2019

Fr Chris Mostert’s sermon from Christmas II, 05/01/2019

+Lindsay’s sermon from Christmas I, 30/12/2018

Mother Dorothy Lee’s talk from Meet Up @ 5 on 16/12/2018

+Lindsay’s sermon from Advent II, 09/12/2018

+Lindsay’s sermon from Advent I, 02/12/2018

Fr Grant’s sermon from Trinity XXIV, 11/11/2018

+Lindsay’s sermon from Trinity XIV, 02/09/2018

Fr Chris Mostert’s sermon from Trinity XII, 19/08/2018

Steve Hilton’s sermon from Trinity X, 05/08/2018

Steve Hilton is an ordinand from the UK, soon to be ordained deacon in Manchester Cathedral where he will serve his curacy.

+Lindsay’s sermon from Trinity IX, 29/07/2018

+Lindsay’s sermon from Trinity VIII, 22/07/2018

+Lindsay’s sermon from Trinity IV, 24/06/2018

+Lindsay’s sermon from Trinity III, 17/06/2018

+Lindsay’s sermon from Trinity I, 03/06/2018

+Lindsay’s Pentecost 2018 sermon, 20/05/2018

+Lindsay’s sermon from 23/10/2016

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