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We are sorry that due to volunteer shortages and holidays for some of the team it is necessary for the café to close for several weeks.
The FREE THURSDAY LUNCH served from the café
continues throughout.

We are grateful for your custom and support!

The Lamb & Flag Café

The Lamb & Flag is our charming parish café. Run by a spirited team of volunteers, it offers a comforting environment, delicious toasties, and aromatic coffee. This social enterprise café embodies an unhurried atmosphere, where you can read, work, or simply enjoy your time.

Lamb & Flag food menu
Lamb & Flag drinks menu

The Journey from a Vintage Emporium to a Parish Café

Nestled at the intersection of Sydney and Glenlyon Roads, opposite the historic Brunswick Town Hall, sits 264 Sydney Road—a property with deep roots and a rich tapestry of history. Built in 1888 on land owned by Christ Church, this property, known as the Stafford Buildings, has been a silent witness to the transformation of Brunswick into the diverse and dynamic community we know today.

Lamb and Flag interior

Miss Mahoney's frieze uncovered

A Peek into the Past

Our story starts with Miss Mahoney, an ambitious businesswoman who, in 1890, opened her 'Underwear Emporium' here. Unveiling a charming, hand-painted frieze that adorned the space, Miss Mahoney set the stage for a property destined for community impact. Fast forward 130 years, and the same frieze graces the walls of 'The Lamb and Flag,' our very own social enterprise café.

A Varied History

Over the decades, 264 Sydney Road has worn many hats: from a chemist and dentist to an estate agent and even an art studio. Each tenant has contributed to the ever-changing narrative of this locale.

The Lamb and Flag: A Community Hub

In November 2021, Bishop Lindsay, our parish vicar, took the initiative to create 'The Lamb and Flag,' assisted by a dedicated team from Christ Church. The aim? To offer warm hospitality and meaningful engagement to the residents of Brunswick and beyond.

Social Enterprise at Its Best

Our café is more than just a place for delectable coffees and pastries; it's a beacon for community action. Profits generated are reinvested into community activities within the Christ Church precinct. Every Thursday, we shift gears to serve free takeaway lunches, partnering with local organisations like the Salvos to provide a helping hand to those in need—no questions asked, just food and friendship.

Evolving Programmes and Initiatives
  • Lamb B & B: Our Sunday evenings at 6 pm are devoted to 'Bible and Beer,' a casual gathering focused on spiritual growth and community bonding.

  • The Lamb: A Thinking Place: Starting in 2022, this regular forum will offer relaxed discussions over beverages on matters of interest and current affairs.

  • A Platform for Musicians: We're particularly keen on being a stage for emerging artists, offering an intimate atmosphere for informal performances.

A Venue for All Occasions

Small groups can take advantage of our café space for evening meetings or receptions at competitive rates.

In this bustling neighbourhood, Christ Church stands as a cornerstone of faith and stability. With the launch of 'The Lamb and Flag,' we're not just Christ Church on Glenlyon Road, but also Christ Church on Sydney, enriching the goodness that's already flourishing in our community.


The Lamb & Flag

264 Sydney Road


VIC 3056


(04) 0709 7870

Opening Hours

Tues - Wed

8:00 am – 2:30 pm


Free Community Lunch

Fri - Sat

8:00 am – 2:30 pm

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