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Our Community

We are delighted to welcome you to the Christ Church Brunswick website! Much like our shared journey of faith, this website is continuously evolving, providing you with a glimpse into our community and giving you an insight into what it means to follow the One who is at the heart of our life and inspires all we do and are - Jesus Christ.

Our church community is an openhearted congregation, embracing the three loves at the heart of the Christian faith – the love of God, love of our neighbour, and love of self. We are disciples of Jesus. We rely on the grace of God to lead us as pilgrims together through the joys and confusions of this life, trusting that we are destined for the glory of Heaven. Our love of neighbour means we are committed to Brunswick, adding to all that is good and playing our part in its local life.

Bishop Lindsay Portrait

Bishop Lindsay writes

"The One we follow"

The question, 'Who is Jesus?' has intrigued humanity for over two millennia and continues to do so. It is our mission to encourage each other in our discovery of Him as the Son of God, and our Saviour. We believe the New Testament gives us reliable evidence about Jesus, His life, death and resurrection. But in the end, it is a personal experience of the risen Lord now, that truly begins to change our lives. That living presence can be experienced in worship, in prayer, and in our life together. But we know, even as we experience and know Him now, there will be always more to discover. It's a lifelong adventure! 

So it's our mission not only to learn of Him, but to know Him as a living presence in our lives today. It's the gift of His Spirit that makes it possible. So our faith as more than a philosophy or belief system – it is a lived, transforming relationship with the Divine Love. When we pray and worship, we encounter Jesus as the one who truly listens, inspires, and guides us.

If you are at the start of this adventure, or perhaps looking to rekindle an old journey, or simply wondering. We warmly invite you to 'Enter the Mystery'. It's our hope and intent that at Christ Church, you'll find us to be a welcoming community of 'all sorts and conditions'. Please know you are always welcome here.​

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