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Bishop Lindsay to Return to England

On Sunday July 9th, Bishop Lindsay announced his decision to return to England at the beginning of next year and therefore his resignation as parish priest at Christ Church. In a follow up letter to all those who receive the weekly ‘Voice from the Vicarage’ he wrote:

Those of you who were present at the two masses this morning will already know this bit of news, but I wanted to write to all those who receive ‘The Voice’.

For a little while now I have been wondering about my life and ministry, and have come to the conclusion, after almost eight years in Brunswick, that it is time for me to return to England. As a result of my reflection, in consultation with those who help me with my soul, I have this week tendered my resignation as Vicar of Christ Church to the Archbishop. Although I will legally continue as the incumbent until March due to some holiday entitlement owing, I will cease leading worship here at the end of the year.

It has been a real privilege and blessing to share the life of the parish, and to contribute a little to the life of the diocese as bishop into the Anglican schools and as an examining chaplain. To be honest I had not expected to be here for the time I have. The pull to return to England has always been there, but Brunswick and Christ Church has been a fulfilling experience and I have grown to treasure the parish and community very much. I have so much to be thankful for. Christ Church has been such a wonderful place to pray and preach and to offer the Sacraments, and I believe God has blessed us.

It will be my intention to base myself in England but to spend around three months a year in Australia. I have many ties here, not least of course my family. The UK will be an easier place from which to fulfil my responsibilities as Superior of the Oratory of the Good Shepherd, and I’m sure the Lord has a few things for me to do yet before I settle into some form of retirement, if indeed priests ever retire. Priesthood is a life, and is for life. I shall always remain grateful to God for the opportunity to live that life for a season at Christ Church.

In the meantime, on we go with the rest of the year together. I don’t intend to slow down or even wind down. There is much to do, not least the plans for the new vicarage, the finishing of the work on the parish house, and continuing to develop the vision for The Lamb and Flag. Most important of all, the daily offering of adoration and worship, which is of course, the greatest gift we have to offer Brunswick. The leading of that worship is the greatest gift a priest can offer to God’s people.

With much love,


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