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Christ Church is an historic Anglican parish church. Built in the 1850’s it is one of the oldest in Melbourne, and with its attractive fountain courtyard garden, provides a beautiful setting for a weddings and photographs in this part of Melbourne.


A ceremony in a church provides the opportunity for you to take your wedding vows in the presence of God, thanking Him for bringing you together and asking His blessing on your life together.In addition to the church, the parish hall has recently been renovated is a possible venue for your reception.

If you decide to marry at Christ Church, we are committed to doing everything we can to help your special and sacred day be memorable and full of joy.Here at Christ Church we love the thought of couples marrying in this lovely building, and you can be assured that a great deal of care and love will be offered to you.

Normally one of the Parish Clergy will officiate at the wedding.

If you wish to use another celebrant, the ‘Canon Law’ of the Church requires that he or she must be an Anglican priest, appropriately licensed and registered. However, sometimes couples have a close family friend or relative who is ordained or is a pastor of their own church. If you have someone you know from another denomination who you’d like to participate in the ceremony, then we can try to facilitate this.

The first steps in booking your wedding

You should contact us as soon as you decide on your date, to see if the church is available. We appreciate that finding a venue for your reception is not always easy and that the date for your wedding might have been decided before you contact us. Please be aware that there are certain months of the year when it is advisable to book well in advance.

The Parish Clergy likes to meet couples early on in the process to talk about Christian marriage. They will also hope and expect that you will want to experience worship at Christ Church by attending the 10 a.m. service on a number of occasions. They will not demand that you to become habitual worshippers which must always be a person’s free choice, but it is important that you experience the purposes and beliefs of the community founded by the One whose blessing you will seek on your wedding day.

There will be legal forms for you to fill in when you meet with one of the Parish Clergy, and you will need to bring with you an copy of your birth certificate and your passport or driving license if you were born in Australia or overseas. If you have been married before, you will need to bring evidence of the dissolution of your marriage. Given that the ideal for Christian marriage is that it be life long, the Parish Clergy may want to talk a little about the circumstances that surrounded the break up of any previous marriage without improper prying. And at this meeting planning for the ceremony will also get underway.

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Wedding at Christ Church 3

Some requirements for marriage at an Anglican church

You do not have to be Anglican to be married at Christ Church. However you will be married according to the rites of the Anglican Church, and your celebrant will be an Anglican Priest. One of the couple must be a baptised Christian. This can be in any denomination, not only the Anglican Church.

So how much does it cost?

We appreciate how the costs surrounding a wedding can be very high. But you will discover that the cost of the marriage service at Christ Church will be small part of your overall budget.


The fee for a wedding here includes pre-marriage counselling, the use of the Church, the celebrant and music director’s fees, and the preparation of all your documentation. Flowers in church and the printing of the order of service can be done by arrangement with us or you may provide them yourself. The fee for getting married at Christ Church is currently $1,250 which includes all the above.

A deposit of $300 is required to secure your booking ($150 of which is non-refundable). Final payment will be required 7 days prior to the service. If you would like to know more, reach out to us below.

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