Fed Up and Out


  • You have received a small thing, at least to the naked eye, and certainly to the unbeliever.
  • And yet, if the promise of Jesus is faithful and the Spirit has indeed been ‘sent down’ upon the gifts of bread and wine, then in reality, can it be more enormous or profound?
  • I remember being much affected in my youth by a poem by Fr Andrew SDC called I think ‘Small White Thing’ about the Blessed Sacrament, its smallness and its capacity to strengthen.
  • The Eucharist is essentially a corporate act, but after receiving communion it is so important for you as a communicant to return to your place, be still, reflect on what has happened and give thanks, and then re make your commitment to the one who has fed you and filled you with this gift of himself.
  • Remember he has not waited for your worthiness before he desires to ‘abide in you’ in this mysterious way (1John4:10)
  • But also remember that the gift is not some magic thing! We have to respond: to live a life of ‘grace and grit’, trusting to the benefit of this feeding and yet determined to receive it faithfully and live faithfully so it is can be benefit it can be. Grace can be resisted!
  • Each week there is generally a suggested prayer to pray after you have received which may be of help.
  • Then we have a final prayer and blessing before the great dismissal. “Go in the peace of Christ” It could well include an exclamation mark! It doesn’t just mean leave the church because the service is over. It echoes the sending out of the disciples by Jesus to be his witnesses.
  • The food you have digested in the Service – both the Word of God in Scripture and the Sacrament are ‘food for the journey’ as you live the story of Christ in your own life.