NEXT SUNDAY , 15th January is the First Sunday after the Epiphany

The 8 a.m. mass will be according to the Book of Common Prayer

Bishop Lindsay will preside and preach at the 10 a.m. 

There will be Evening Prayer  at 5 p.m.


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icon of King Charles

icon of King Charles

Sunday February 5th at 6 p.m. Evensong followed by the Annual Philip Harris Memorial Lecture.

This year’s guest lecturer, The Reverend Dr Daniel Dries, Rector of Christ Church, St Laurence, Sydney

‘Anglicanism in the 17th and 21st centuries : a great gulf fixed or closer than you think?’

followed by Coronation chicken and yummy deserts in the fountain garden. ALL WELCOME!   For more details click on the News and Events page above.        




PRAYER at the CRIB at Christ Church



Why not pay a visit to the church          to spend some time close to the crib.

The crib remains up until the Feast of Candlemas.

   The church is open during the day.

   Light a candle as a sign of your love      and your prayer.





Why not pray the prayer now?

As I look upon your holy crib, I bless you Lord for the wonder of your love, who left the glory of heaven to share our human nature. Give to me the humility of the shepherds, the perseverance of the wise men, the adoration of the angels, a love like that of your holy Mother, and the faithful heart of your servant Joseph. Give to me a new courage, that I may journey with you from your Crib unto your Cross, and so discover the purpose of your coming, even the redemption of the world, and the joy of life eternal, which is your promise and gift. Amen


The parish chocolate cake before is was devoured by the crowds at our Christmas celebrations

The parish chocolate cake before it was devoured by the crowds at our Christmas celebrations

For a little insight into our Christmas Celebrations, click above and  go to our Christmas page.

The Rogues choir lead the singing..

The Rogues choir lead the singing at Carols and Jazz



Isaac and his parents arrive as the Holy Family










If you would like to read Bishop Lindsay’s charge to the parish at the annual meeting on November 20th, you’ll find it here:



In February 2017 Bishop Lindsay will be leading a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with an optional extension to visit the extraordinary city of Petra in Jordan. +Lindsay has led many pilgrims through the experience of discovering Jesus in the land of his birth, ministry, death and resurrection. It is always a challenging and renewing experience. There are still a few places left on this February pilgrimage. Click below to read more, and if you are interested, contact Lightline direct.



Bishop Lindsay, the Vicar of Christ Church writes….


Dear Surfer!

We are delighted to welcome you to the Christ Church website. Of course, if you are interested in who we are and the person we worship, then certainly the best way is to ‘come and see’, the great invitation made by Jesus himself to his early followers.

Like any relationship there is a sort of preliminary risk. When people are attracted to each other, if the relationship is to develop they have to sort of act as if they are in love before they are in the hope that they will be. (You may have to read that sentence again!) It’s the same with the Lord.

I remember many years ago taking a large group of English young people to stay with the religious community at Taize in France. Thousands of young people make pilgrimage there each summer, many of them unsure about commitment to Christ, and even less sure about their need of the Church. The invitation of the Brothers of the Community is simply to come and live as if the Christian faith is true for a few days and see what you make of it; sing the songs; pray the prayers; meet to talk; study the Bible; come to the Eucharist. No one is pressed about what they believe, but they are asked to be respectful and open hearted. In other words, try it and see!

Here at Christ Church we want to issue the same invitation.

At present we are quite a small but growing community, so there is plenty of room to welcome you!

At the heart of our life are two loves, though they are very connected. First of all our love for the God who first loves us; the God who made us out of love and for love. This love we believe has and is shown above all by Jesus, whom we, with so many millions call the ‘Christ’, a word which means the ‘chosen one’ who reveals, or better, ‘puts flesh’ on God’s purpose and hopes for the world.  The second love is the love of ‘neighbour’, and, following the teachings of Jesus our ‘neighbour’ is anybody who turns up or is around the next corner.

To live life loving like this has an attractive simplicity about it, but it’s a challenge!

So the Church is a community of love helping to create a civilisation of love. If you make a decision to ‘come and see’ at Christ Church it is our hope and our intention that you will indeed experience some of that love.

Best wishes,

Lindsay Urwin OGS

CHRIST CHURCH      Open all hours……

In early 2015 Christ Church made a decision to keep the church open throughout the day to allow any passing by to ‘come and see’, explore the building, to make use of it to sit and reflect and to pray, or just for a bit of peace!

There is a place where those who come can light a candle as a sign of their prayer. There is the img_3714opportunity for those who wish to write down their prayer intention and place it in the ‘prayer box’ by the icon of the Annunciation. That prayer will be prayed every day for seven days.


The church garden is also open too, and with its attractive fountain provides a restful space in the midst of busy Brunswick.

The church and garden are generally open by 7 a.m. and close sometime after 6 p.m.