Welcome to Christ Church!


Sunday 16th December – ADVENT III

Join us in celebrating the love of the Lord and enter the mystery of his presence!

8 a.m. Low Mass  (1662)

10 a.m. Sung Mass with Baptism, followed by refreshments
Celebrant and preacher : +Lindsay Urwin OGS

Look out for our boards outside the church and down Sydney Road!

5 p.m. Meet Up @ 5 – Introducing the BOY WONDER
The third of three sessions exploring the Bible stories about the arrival of the Boy who would be at the heart of bringing salvation to the world.  This week, we welcome Professor Dorothy Lee from Trinity College, and will be exploring St John’s account of these amazing events.

The sessions will begin with worship, which will be followed by a session of Bible study, some discussion in smaller groups, then some time for food and fellowship.

There will also be sessions for younger people, which will be run by Cecilia Fairlie, and will be parallel to the “grown-up” sessions.

All of this will happen at the Vicarage, next door to the church on Glenlyon Road.

We hope to see you there!

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As we prepare to celebrate the safe delivery of the BOY WONDER, we invite you to join us in some very special events here at Christ Church!at 

The first of these events will be an evening of carols and jazz outdoors, featuring local jazz sensation Michelle Nicholl and friends, and the Brunswick Rogues Choir.  This event is free, and will take place on Tuesday 18th December at 6:30 p.m., and will include a sausage sizzle, and even Santa!

The next big event comes on Christmas Eve (24th December).  First up, we have our “Pop-Up” Crib service, telling the story of the BOY WONDER.  Kids are encouraged to come in costume, and we will even have a real-life kid in the crib!  This will be followed by some refreshments outside the church in the courtyard by the fountain.

Later on that day, we have a time of singing carols together in the church at 11 p.m., running into our Candlelit Midnight Mass at 11:30 p.m.  This will be a beautiful service, and the perfect way to lead into Christmas.

On Christmas Day itself (25th December), we will have two Masses – the first, a Low Mass in traditional language, at 8 a.m.; and the second, a celebration Mass with sung liturgy and carols at 10 a.m.

We hope you will be able to join us at some of these events as we await the coming of the BOY WONDER!

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Sacred and Open

Christ Church and the fountain garden are open throughout the day to allow any passing by to ‘come and see’, explore the building, to make use of it to sit and reflect and to pray, or just for a bit of peace!

The church garden with its attractive fountain provides a restful space in the midst of busy Brunswick.

The icon of the Annunciation in the Lady chapel is a particular place for prayer and prayer requests can be left there.

The church and garden are generally open by 7 a.m. and closes when Evening prayers end at 6.30 p.m.

Bishop Lindsay Urwin, parish priest at Christ Church, writes:


We are delighted to welcome you to the Christ Church website!  Our website, like our life together is a work in progress, and it will just give you a little taster of what our life is like and about who is at the centre of all that we are and seek to be and do. That ‘who’ is Jesus. In the early days of Christianity someone who was not a believer but who  looked on from a bit of a distance described this new group of people as worshipping Jesus ‘as if he were God’. It’s something of a jumping of catagories, even a surprise to come to a conclusion that God, who can seem so remote and unknowable, ‘reveals’ himself in this way. And yet, what better way to give us an understanding of who he is and his purpose for us than to become one with us, to literally get under our skin, experience our life?

The story of what we did with ‘God with us’ is tragic. Crucifixion and death. Yet the Bible teaches that this itself was within the mysterious purposes of God. He loves entirely and consistently and in so doing overcomes the ‘old order of sin and death’. What a mystery it is, and no short letter of introduction to a website can do it justice. It’s a life time, more than a life time’s worth of contemplation, worship and reflection.

Whatever you make of Jesus at this stage in your life, it’s amazing to think one life could have had such an influence on history, on art, on literature, on education and legal systems, on social understanding and the landscape of just about every village, town and city in this land. Buildings made for worship of this man were among the first to go up in Melbourne!

For us at Christ Church this all matters very much. For us, it’s not just the story of an historical figure, but of someone we love, whom we try to worship, follow and serve.

We are disciples of Jesus, and our invitation to you is not so much ‘come to Church’ but rather come and see what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, of which coming to worship is a part, a key part.

Good disciples of Jesus are learning three ways of loving – the love of God, his for us and ours for him; the love of neighbour, and the love of self. Notice I said learning! We are a community unafraid to admit our need for  ‘L’ plates! These can never be removed from the back or front of a disciple of Jesus. There is always more to discover about the Lord and about the demands and joys of love.

So the Church is a community of love helping to create a civilization of love. If you make a decision to ‘come and see’ at Christ Church it is our hope and our intention that you will indeed experience some of that love.

Best wishes,
Lindsay Urwin OGS