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Church nave

Learn about the groups that contribute to our church’s vitality. Each team plays a pivotal role, whether it’s ensuring seamless services, fiscal responsibility, or maintaining our sacred spaces.

Church Wardens

Church wardens are key lay members within the church who play a crucial role in its operations and management. They are typically responsible for the maintenance of church properties and grounds, ensuring services run smoothly, and often act as a link between the clergy and the congregation.

Diocesan Representative

A Diocesan Representative from the parish is an individual elected or appointed to act as a liaison between the local church community and the broader diocese. They communicate important issues, decisions, and developments to both entities, ensuring alignment and understanding across all levels of the church hierarchy.

Thursday Lunch Team

Every Thursday, we extend a warm invitation to our Free Community Lunch. A team of devoted volunteers prepares and serves a hearty meal for anyone who needs it.

Sunday School Team

Sunday School teachers, known as 'Shepard's' are volunteers in our community, dedicated to nurturing the faith and knowledge of our youngest members. They lead two classes called 'Lambs' and 'Seekers', catering to both older and younger children. These classes provide age-appropriate teaching about the Word of God.

Nominations Committee

A Parish Incumbency Committee is a group formed within a parish when the position of vicar or rector becomes vacant. The committee, often consisting of churchwardens and elected parish representatives, works closely with the diocese to identify and appoint a suitable candidate for the role, ensuring a smooth transition of leadership.

Parish Council

A Parish Council is a committee of elected lay members from the church congregation who work alongside the clergy to guide the church's mission, manage its financial resources, and address the spiritual and practical needs of the parish.

Altar Guild

A Parish Altar Guild is a dedicated group of parishioners responsible for the preparation and care of the altar and its furnishings. Their duties typically include arranging the vestments, linens, and sacramental items used during worship services, and ensuring the altar space is properly set for each liturgical season.

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