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Our Community

Christ Church Brunswick extends a warm welcome to everyone seeking God’s love and those wondering what it means to open their hearts to Him. We invite you to embrace His grace and enter the mystery of his love.

Our open church, nestled in the heart of Brunswick, Melbourne. offers a sanctuary of peace, joy, and acceptance. We would love to welcome you to our church family, a vibrant tapestry of different ages and backgrounds, united in worship and in service to our local community.

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Voice from the Vicarage

Worship With Us

Agnus Dei - Christ Church Brunswick Window


8:00am † Low Mass

10:00am † Sung Mass & 'Lambs' Sunday School

6:00pm † Bible & Beer

Athanasian Creed - Christ Church Brunswick Window


7:00am † Low Mass

6:00pm † Evening Prayer 

Chi Rho - Christ Church Brunswick Window


10:00am † Low Mass

6:00pm † Evening Prayer

Dove - Christ Church Brunswick Window


10:00am † Morning Prayer

5:00pm † Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

6:00pm † Evening Prayer Followed by Low Mass

Pelican - Christ Church Brunswick Window


7:00am † Low Mass

6:00pm † Evening Prayer & Lectio Divina

Alpha & Omega - Christ Church Brunswick Window


8:00am † Low Mass

6:00pm † Evening Prayer

Rainbow with Bell Tower - Christ Churck Brunswick


An Anglican Mass is a warm gathering where we sing hymns, listen to readings from the Bible, and share in Holy Communion. Guided by the Book of Common Prayer, we connect with each other and God, reflecting on Christ's love and sacrifice. It's a comforting space of faith, fellowship, and spirituality.

lady chapel - Christ Churck Brunswick

Prayer Services

An Anglican Morning or Evening Prayer service is a tranquil gathering for worship, reflection, and healing. We unite to read scripture, meditate on its teachings, and pray for our world and each other. It's a welcoming space that cultivates our faith, providing calm, healing, and guidance to start or end our day.

Pews - Christ Churck Brunswick

Lectio Divina

A special gathering where we dive deeply into the Word of God. We slowly read a passage from the scripture, meditate on its meanings, pray about it, and discuss God's presence in our lives. It's a beautiful, contemplative practice that offers spiritual nourishment, deep healing, and a closer connection to God.

Visit Us

Our church is open all day every day from 7:00am to 7:00pm. We invite you to experience the warm community of Christ Church Brunswick first-hand. We'd love to welcome you. Visit us at our location below.

Getting here by Tram

Route #19 (City-North Coburg):  Catch the tram on Route #19, which runs between the city centre and North Coburg. Hop off at Stop 21, just a short stroll away from our location.

Getting here by Train

Upfield Line: If you’re traveling by train, the Upfield Line is your best bet. Hop off at Jewel Station, and from there, it’s an easy 5-minute walk to our doorstep.

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